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Ensuring a bright future for our community is my highest priority. Eugene has a promising tomorrow, but we can only get there by facing challenges head-on. I’m running for EWEB Commissioner in Ward 1 & 8 because I believe that together, we can make a better future a reality. 

With a vision rooted in direct community support and a determination to address both the short-term and long-term effects of climate change, I am driven by an urgency to create positive change.

Join me on the journey toward a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future we can all be proud of.



Climate Resilience

The threat of climate change is real, immediate, and affects us every day. I am committed to fostering climate resilience in our community. We must lean into sustainable practices, renewable energy initiatives, and infrastructure improvements to create a more resilient and adaptive environment for all. The ice storm this January demonstrated that working to stop future climate change is crucial but not enough: We also must protect residents from the effects of climate change happening right now. 

Rate-Payer Protection

As the executive director of the Springfield-Eugene Tenant Association, I work with Lane County’s low-income residents every day. What I have learned in my years of experience is this: Access to affordable power, water, heating, and cooling is a human right. I will champion policies that protect rate-payers, ensuring fair and just treatment for all Eugeneans, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Fight Against Climate Change

At the core of my values is an unwavering commitment to combat climate change. We need bold and creative solutions, including policies that reduce carbon emissions, promote green innovation, and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.


I am a fervent believer in the strength of a united community. It’s time to empower our neighborhoods by uplifting the voice of every resident. In my professional life, I build community engagement. As an EWEB Commissioner, I will work to support an engaged and thriving community in which all of us have the opportunity to prosper. 

About Tim
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About Tim

As the Executive Director of a local nonprofit, a passionate community organizer, and a trusted leader in Oregon, I will serve as an EWEB Commissioner who represents all voices in Eugene, including those whose voices which often go unheard. Throughout my career, both in the nonprofit sector and my work in our community, I have always been passionate about making Eugene a better place. My decade of work in Eugene has taken me from organizing at the local neighborhood level all the way to the Oregon Legislature, advocating for progressive values and fighting for communities that are often unheard. Now, I am ready to continue making a difference where it matters most: as a public servant.




Oregon Representative and Speaker of the House Julie Fahey

Oregon Senator James Manning

Oregon Senator Floyd Prozanski

Lane County Commissioner Laurie Trieger

Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch

Eugene City Mayor Lucy Vinis

Former Eugene City Mayor Kitty Piercy

Eugene City Councilor Emily Semple

Eugene City Councilor Matt Keating

Eugene City Councilor Jennifer Yeh

Eugene City Councilor Lyndsie Leech

EWEB Commissioner Matt McRae

EWEB Commissioner Mindy Schlossberg

Former EWEB Commissioner John Simpson

Lane Community College Board Member Lisa Fragala

Lane Community College Board Member Austin Folnagy

Former SUB Board Director Pat Riggs-Henson

Democratic Party of Lane County

Sierra Club

Lane County Central Labor Chapter

Eugene Weekly

Eugene Tenant Alliance

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Climate Cabinet

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